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May 05, 2005



MacNamee and Ross are both bloggers, did they post about it, did you check with either of them before the event?

Alex Krupp

So with the thinksecret lawsuit bloggers were journalists, but here they are not...interesting.

I think it would be easier just to say, "I'm not a journalist, I'm a reporter." Then you avoid all the doublethink.

Dan Gillmor

Huh? The ban was on pro journalists. A blogger covering the event would be acting as a journalist just the same -- but would be unconstrained by the club's ludicrous ban on the pros.

Alex Krupp

Dan: Oh I didn't realize it was just on pros.

Alan Gregory

The Bush administration has spent so many tax dollars now in buying "positive" press that the investment would appear to be paying off. USA Today should immediately apologize for being a part of this.

Jack Krupansky

Traditional media are the epitome of "information control freaks": the editorial staff exclusively controls what the reading public sees. No one should be surprised or ever feel the need to waste two seconds complaining that the management of a newspaper would be "information control freaks". The media are *not* our friends. They may not necessarily be our enemies either, but they and their focus on profit and a need to attract attention for advertisers are not in the interest of the general public.

Our focus should be on alternatives to the traditional "general media". Let the dinosaurs face their own extinction. We need to focus on what will follow.

Let the people with closed minds have closed events. We should let all of that slide and not even dignify it with our attention. We should intensely focus our attention on producing open events of open minds, by open minds, and for open minds.

-- Jack Krupansky

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