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May 12, 2005



I am not so sure that our Press here (in the US) is a FREE as it should be. I am sure there are powers in our own country that "prevail" upon publishers to cease and desist or even to keep stories from appearing to start with. I find it interesting to have someone interviewed in the street who requests that his/her name not be used because he/she is afraid of being "investigated". This was an old NPR story that left me asking (naively) who could you be afraid of in this country.


The American press may be free, but it is very particular about what it will allow the public to know. Prior to the arrival of the internet, getting the news not reported was difficult. That's changed. Significant and verifiable stories censored by the media are now routinely discovered online, providing compelling proof that the Fourth Estate is anything but forthright.

Journalism in America is a profession in decline, done-in by dogmatic politics at the typewriter and disrespect for truth in the boardroom.

This is Zimbabwe

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