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May 13, 2005


Baher Al Hakim

There's no Feeds available at your new blog, is there something wrong.

Jon Garfunkel

"nostalgic for Typepad..."

Dan-- it's great to see you graduate from TypePad to what looks like Drupal. Drupal, as I've written, goes beyond blogging, and can/will facilitate many of the advanced community/journalism functions we're looking for.


...except that, at the moment, it's ugly and harder to read. That's one of things that makes TP so good: it's very easy on the eyes.

MK Dorsey


Great beginning. I will definitely keep watching, reading and responding.

If the new culture of the internet is sharing and folks in that process are as you say " learning to write as easily and fluently as we read." then clearly the truly new global economy, bracketed by key ecosystems is about sustainability, premised on similar kinds of mutualisms common in an "sharing-society"--internet or otherwise.

If this is the case, as a board member with a local Bay area group: The Center for Environmental Health (, I think one area you will have to give space to and forge a new learning dialogue with and environment around are those individuals and institutions involved and (re)buidling the state of environmental health, sanity, sustainability and justice in the shadows and crevices of the Janus-face of a Silicon toxic-juggernaut cum sharing-socialite.

Your site can play a key role of forging discussions yet unseen and unheard, between those social entrepreneurs in the net and eco-social entrepreneurs very much concerned and aware of the net--both of whom are in the bay area.

The challenge little & big Green is raising on Silicon is not to be underestimated. While some technologies may foster new sharing, many like Ole Man Jobs pay little mind to the complex realities of the "beast in the silicon". See for yourself at:

These complex realities provide a more compelling reason why Bayosphere needs to take note and showcase both, crises and opportunities unfolding, if only because: high-tech is trying to go green (albeit slowly and with a tremendous amount of resistance). See for yourself:

I hope you & Bayosphere are in the mix as things unfold.

Many of us will be watching, reflecting and writing.

Michael K. Dorsey,
amongst other things, member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Environmental Health (Oakland, CA)

Paul Hughes

Hi Dan,

I've been so busy the last few months that I failed to notice that I was getting no new blog feeds from you on my blog feeder. I then recalled how you moved to this new site, but that when I got here there was no feed. I failed to find it today. What is the url for your feed? You might consider getting the link on the front page too. If you need help with this, I may be of assistance.


Paul Hughes

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Hi Dan,

Congrats for moving on from Typepad!
I have been a regular visitor to your blog for about three months now and will definitely join you at your new address as I know you'd keep rolling out the articles as insightful as ever :-)

Best of luck!

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