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May 09, 2005


James Shaw

That looks very nice. I notice that they don't allow comments or have any contact info though, so it's hard to ask them questions (perhaps that's the point).

My question would be, are they really employing Ellen, Cusack etc to blog for them ("our group bloggers"), or are those blog entries picked up from the authors real blogs?

I guess I need to read an "about us" page, but I can't find one... :-(


Looks very good for a 1.0. Let's hope it thrives!

Paul Jones

I'm delighted to see that this blog is listed on the Huffington Post blogroll. But like James above, I have trouble teasing out who and what are there and doing what for whom how.
I do like Richard Bradley calling out Hillary Rosen for calling out Steve Jobs. (Get that?).

Dennis G. Jerz

Since most of the contributors don't seem to have much familiarity with weblogs, and any one of them could have blogged before if they had wanted to, I'm wondering what the draw of the Huffington brand name will mean, in terms of content, focus, attitude, interactivity (will they read and post links to each other's entries, and if so, will the result be like watching an episode of "The View"?).

I like that the wire stories permit readers to post comments, but unfortunately, the contributions from celebrity bloggers don't.

John Cusack's entry on Hunter S. Thompson is good, and David Mamet's attempt to deflate the authority of the blogosphere is welcome but a bit too cute.

If anyone's interested, this morning I posted a few more comments about it on my site.

Bill Haught

Consensus in the blogosphere: unmitigated disaster




While I always welcome new voices and new avenues of ensuring they are heard, I can't help but shake the feeling that I've seen this all before. It feels like a latecomer's entry to the blogging party, as if we should all applaud the creators for discovering this new medium.

She should stick to decrying SUVs as a CNN talking head. In the interim, I don't see how this resource adds to the collective wisdom of the planet.


This is a pack of crazy leftists.

I wrote one of them...Your all crazy leftists for three reasons...

1) You haven't heard yet that your now winning - the enemy peaked last week.
2) Your all crazy leftists because you don't see the need to downsize the biggest state. This does not mean you can't have a world class health care system - just that you cant have one AND shit like star wars, republican ball parks, etc
3 ) Your all crazy leftists because your still not getting jiggy with the net. Fuck the MSM. The web is all you need if your serious about open source grass roots bottom up direct democracy.

PS Now your winning I don't like you so much. Lamer leftist losers.You suck.


I think you need to get back on your meds again

Jim Hill

With each passing day I'm becoming more convinced that "the blogosphere" is comprised of people who 30 years ago were tearing up the nation's freeways with station wagons, wondering exactly what the Squelch dial on the CB did.

A website featuring essays from famous people. My God, I'm shaking to my fundament. This changes everything. Now I'm going back to bed.

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