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May 07, 2005


Don Marti

As long as people are interested in Media Center PCs and being honest with customers, how about putting up a list of which functionality the Media Center PC's DRM blocks, and which it allows? For example, it will record TV shows, and it has a DVD burner. Can you use those two features together to archive a show you "taped" off the air?

Arbitrary restrictions plus lack of pre-sales info equals future support issues.

Thomas Hawk

I've never had a show that I could not burn to DVD with MCE. I've also never had a show that I could not copy over my network for remote viewing on my laptop off site.

For all the talk of Microsoft and DRM, very little of it appears to have made it's way into the MCE product.

This could change when/if we see cable or satellite HDTV support.

I have found the portability of media to be excellent with MCE and would recommend this feature.

Jeff Clavier

Just for the record, David gee explains in this slashdot comment that he did not remove the comment, someone else did, and he ended up putting it back... and dealing with the situation over the week-end.

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