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May 13, 2005



Interesting the phrase: "a real blog now"

Been wondering that. What makes a blog a blog?

--Continuity of posts extending into archives?
--A homepage?
--A place for comments?

That's about it... right?
Am I missing anything?
(misspellings? bad grammar? excesive use of ellipsis?)

Surely not...

That's can't be a critera... not with 45,000 new blogs everyday.

[I mean... If someone posted to their particular unread blog (in the massive forest of unread blogs) that they were going to stop blogging, would anybody hear that blog fall?]

What's my point? Just a little one.
I hate fashion... it's so... fashionably shallow.
And so right now, if ya'll want to be tragically hip, ya'all got your call your writing-thingy a blog.

It is oh so trite.

Add comments and contiunity and call it a blog.
And then presupposedly, here comes the hordes! Because that's one thing you can count on: the hordes are so fashionably trite. And the hordes ain't gonna read you unless you call your writing-thingy a blog.

Ergo, I will bet you 2 wimpy democrats to 3 bone-brained conservatives that newspaper will soon start calling their editorial offerings "blogs."

[Gentleman start your blogs...]
[Here's my card, it's got my blog address on it.]
[As I was saying the other day on my blog...]
[Have your blog call my blog and leave a comment...]
[Blogging ruined his marriage...]

By the way...
Did I mention I have a blog?

Peter Kreditantrag

"What's my point? Just a little one.
I hate fashion... it's so... fashionably shallow" ... nice sentences, just the right for this!

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