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May 13, 2005


Alex Krupp

I wouldn't describe myself as being an expert on drug policy, but of what I have read my favorite is this:

I haven't read the whole thing, but the first section on opiates is mind blowing.

Tom O'Neill

Amen brother Gillmor. Most people well understand the disaster that was the prohibition of alcohol, but amazingly, fail to recognize that the same economic principles apply to the prohibition of any other inanimate matter.


I'm not sure you can say the drug fighting is such a failure. The negative consequences that are taught probably positively affect a lot of kids. I wonder what the effect would be if we stopped teaching kids drugs are bad and just let the counter forces of glamorizing thugs and celebrities take over?

On the other hand, maybe we should legalize them and then tax the hell out of them like tobacco?

I'm not sure I'm there yet...I've seen the damage that drugs and alcohol can do to people and their families. Are we ready for the marketing power of companies to start on us? Tobacco is politically incorrect, but certain drugs won't be. Again, are we ready for certain drugs to be glamorized? They will and I'm not sure it will be so desireable.

As for those that say that government should stay out of people's lives, every time congress passes a law, they are moralizing something. They are either prohibiting some behavior or supporting some behavior. The law books are filled with laws that affect each and every one of us.

So, on the one hand, I think we need a minimal government, but I come back to the other, not discussed, side of freedom: responsibility. For our freedom to work, people have to be responsibile. Drug and alcohol use can be viewed as selfish. Alcoholism and certain drug users are subject to disease - and it affects every other family member.

"Alcohol is closely linked with virtually every negative aspect of society; suicide, violent crime, birth defects, industrial accidents, domestic and sexual abuse, homelessness, death, and disease. It is the No.1 drug problem for people from all walks of life. It is No. 1 among whites, African Americans, and Hispanics, and it's No. 1 among poor people and rich people, men and women, and young and old people alike." - Hazelden News

So, again, while I don't like governemnt getting involved, (I like less government), there are some things that should be said are wrong. Drug and alcohol abuse are destructive to the person taking them and almost everyone that person has contact with.

Another point, I know some people like to point to Europe as a model for legalized drugs. Don't forget thet Europe's birth rate is pitifully low. It may appear to be manageable because they simply don't have as many people who can fall in the trap. (I also suspect that the media ignores the negative stories.) Do we want to turn 180 degrees and let the problems accelerate with all of our immigration??

Keith Z-G

Actually, Europe's birthrate is just simply around the same as the vast majority of "western" nations . . . I was unaware that the States was significantly different, but the birth rate in places like Canada is the same, and Canada has also long been a carrier of the Drug War meme (going back to figures like Emily Murphy), recent media potrayals notwithstanding.

Not sure what that's supposed to prove, so setting that tidbit aside: Al, you're equating Drugs and Alcohol very closely here. Which does indeed make sense, it's somewhat of an artificial line that has been drawn. The general point remains, though; if we treat Alcohol one way, why should we treat other drugs so differently?

Furthermore, it should be asked sometimes if the drugs are the problem, or merely the abuse of them being the result of something else. It's nice to have things like drugs and alcohol to blame, we get to neatly ignore more fundamental personal and societal problems.

Alex Krupp

"I wonder what the effect would be if we stopped teaching kids drugs are bad and just let the counter forces of glamorizing thugs and celebrities take over?"

logical fallacy


No matter what, adults should be able to make their own choices. In my opinion, there shouldn't be many drug laws for people over the legal drinking age of any given state. If a mature adult wants to use various drugs, let them. It's not the governments place to say what we can and cannot put in our bodies.

I think that mindset will eventually become more widely accepted throughout our government. At least that's what I'm hoping.


Tyler, what if some drug often causes automobile accidents? Or hallucinations such that the person is a danger to others?

How much of your reasoning is because you think the drugs only affect the person taking the drug? 100%, 90% Half?

I'm curious as I'm not 100% sure about what to do (if anything.)

Format C

I still don't see any drug lord from USA..... where are they? Is DEA doing big business?.

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