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May 03, 2005


Karl Karlsson

Blog? That sounds more like a Wiki to me.

Matteo Cardano

Just for history sake ....
In mid-1996 I started building a web content editing system whose main idea was to have an "EDIT THIS PAGE" button or link in each web page of the site build anf managed by the system.
It soon became a product in 1997. It is called OpenShare and it is still on the market.

-- Matteo Cardano


I just re-acquainted myself with Frontier last night and have got to say it is one of the coolest pieces of software ever developed. The combination of outliner, scripting language, verb set, web server and object database is very powerful. I hope they run with it over on Sourceforge.


I first became aware The Power of The Dave when, back in 1994 or 5, a notion befell me to nab the name "Davenet", since I was a Dave and was on the Net...which was not nearly so parochial and ubiquitous as it is today. I soon realized that it was taken by a feller named Dave Winer, which I noted, and would see or hear about every now and again. My nom de nette at the time was Megajesus, and I would think that he too ran across that easily forgetable name now and again. It was a small place back then, as you may remember.

Fast forward ten years, and there he stands, guarding the coffee and donuts, refreshingly offered up for the pleasure of Chapel Hill's celebration of bloggery, adeptly hosted by the suave and jimpricute Anton Zuiker, and attended by such luminaries as, well, you, and, well, Dave.
(Not often one gets to use so many commas in so short a span, but I am sticking by it!)

I mentioned to him the days of yore, and his early usurpation of my sought property, leaving me with, primarily, "Virtual Bohemia: The Left Bank of Cyberspace", which, when coupled with the http, the ://, the www, and the com, becomes quite a mouthful...and one which not aided by autofill.

I was exactly one month into 50 when I met the jocular sage. Little did I know we were such cohorts. Or that I was older than he.

The question is: Can I tell him what to do?

But seriously...there is so little thanks or recognition in the work of creating the future, it is good to see a brother celebrated.

Dave Beckwith


So you feel that deserves recognition for liking RSS and things that he claims he invented? Dave is nothing more than an old man that tells stories.


I remember my first beer....

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