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May 13, 2005


Alex Krupp

That sucks. The business I'm starting aims to prevent stuff like this. Hopefully I'll get some venture capital in a month or two and that will be the end of this.


good luck to you Alex


I assume you have the MT blacklist plug-in up?


Dan, there are two plugins you can use to completely eliminate comment and trackback spam: Mt-Blacklist and SpamLookup. I have both of them installed on WWdN, and annoying spam has dropped from several hundred a day to one or two trackbacks a week.


Denis de Bernardy

switch to wordpress. i've yet to receive a single spam. zero zero zero.


i've had to use one of those image plugins, the annoying ones that make people comment by typing in the fuzzy image with the distorted text. works like a charm now, but then the bogus trackback spam pings started showing up...

Anspar Jonte

I removed the comment form from my blog and forced all comments to be approved before posting, but some idiot kept spamming me for a gambling site -- an OFFLINE/DEAD site -- for four days until I deleted the comment CGI script.


Dan, every day I have to monitor the guestbook on my cartoon site - I ended up banning entire ranges of IPs from China & Hong Kong so they would stop posting ads for Viagra and worse - I also see constant spam attempts for porn sites, which is aggravating as I'm running a site that kids like to visit as well.

Scumbags is too nice of a word for these types.


Wether it turns out to be of any value or not remains to be seen but there is a new blog specifically for outing these guys.

Take a look:

Matt DeGeorge

Wordpress 1.5 doesn't seem to attract the span 1.2 did . Try it you'll like it

Mark Gisleson

I don't even have comments enabled on my blog, yet four of my top ten referers for the month of May are gambling sites.


I've been getting a lot more of them lately. You would think that after they don't see their comments popping up, that they would stop... Also - thanks to Sarah for the anti-spam blog, will definately link that.


I keep getting all those same spammers myself, and you're right, it's irritating. I'm glad, though, that my program basically blocks them, then sends me email asking me to moderate my blog. I'm glad I have that feature, because I don't want to go to a subscription, password based blog.


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