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May 08, 2005


Alex Krupp

As is traditional every time schooling is mentioned on the internet, allow me to link to John Taylor Gatto's essay and book on public schooling:

Gatto's book, The Underground History of American Education, has been dubbed the official book of the Internet. At least read the short essay (the first link) if you haven't already. Of course the first edition of the book is available for free online on his homepage.

The problem with charter schools is they will naturally provide as bad an education as they can get away with. The only way there will ever be enough data about each school for parents to make an informed decision is for government is regulate the hell out of them. And if government regulates the hell out of them, they aren't really that much different than the 'free' public school system that we already have.


I visited the forum and saw what is prevalent on most forums; accusations, flames, personal attacks, and endless bickering. Anyone that challenged the premises of the complaints are shouted down. It was not worth the time to visit the forum.

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