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May 08, 2005



They've been doing this for awhile actually, I think I first heard about it 3-4 weeks ago.


You can also get this via sms texting to google (46645):

Sample queries*:
# Get showtimes and theaters for a particular movie:
hitch 94103
hitch san francisco ca
# Get movie details:
# Find the top movies playing near you and their theater location:
movie: movies 94103
movie: films san francisco ca
# Find the theaters near you and their movie showtimes of the top movies:
movie: theaters 94103
movie: showtimes san francisco ca

Rick Ellis

This is one of the things I've been predicting for awhile, and it scares the crap out of me.

How many sites can compete against a Google-aggregated version of what they do?

I can do as much original TV and media reporting as I can fit into the day. But if Google can turn around and aggregate my stuff with other material from 100 other sites, then where does that leave me?



Google is becoming so good at what it does, and so good at creating buzz and innovation, their Microsoft-like rise along with their Apple-like talent and expertise are beginning to creep people out.

However, without people actually creating the content, there is nothing to aggregate.

In other words? It leaves you in a perfect position: To feed the most extensive and thorough aggregator in the world, and to have your content more accessible thanks to it.


Do you know how one gets Google to include a site in this function?

Anspar Jonte

Sorry, Movie Review Query Engine is still my favorite, and they integrate titles with IMDB entries.

Google is expanding too fast and not paying close enough attention to quality. I love the Google Maps interface, but after the third time finding the street data was wrong, I've gone back to Mapquest and Yahoo Maps. I have similar issues with many Google services these days.

John F.

Hasn't been compiling movie reviews for quite a while?
And the "tomato meter" is much cooler than the stars given at Google.

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