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May 06, 2005



And the sound of pages turning is heard as hundreds of readers rush to get out their dictionaries and look up "plenary".

Apparently it means "complete in every respect".

Heather Green

There is no doubt that Hollywood is not going to head to Congress, where, as you say, they should have gone in the first place. It should be a fight, if consumers understand what's at stake for them. But this time, at the very least, these discussions will be out in the open, in front of the public. That's what was so incredible about the Broadcast Flag group of Hollywood, CE, and tech companies that eventually spit out this thing. They were all behind closed doors essentially deciding on what fair use would be for the public. Amazing.

Heather Green

Err, I meant, NOW is going to head to Congress.

Jim Hill

The important thing is that Hollywood will have to pay for this legislation through the normal bribery process rather than through backroom meetings and promises of key lobbying jobs after life in "public service".

Yay, America.

Ran Talbott

"Hollywood will have to pay for this legislation through the normal bribery process"

Or they'll get Ashcroft to give a speech at the Heritage Foundation speculating that swarthy men with suspicious-sounding names might conceivably use steganography to embed diagrams of Disneyland and Turkish airbases in pirated copies of "Despearate Housewives" posted to Then the PATRIOT renewal will inlude a provision making possession of a non-DRMed receiver will be a ticket to Gitmo.

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