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April 30, 2005



Sounds a bit more clumsy than evil.

Dan Gillmor


david parmet

Interesting... there seems to be some other bloggers being pushed around by Special Ops Media -

Not very smart.

david parmet

whoops! didn't realize that was a quote. sorry!

still... more clumsy than evil, exactly.

Ran Talbott

One question that needs an answer to make sense of this is whether Groenfeld agreed in advance to do the review in exchange for the free copy of the movie. The quotes from the PR flack's nagging suggest that he did, but it's also possible that the flack foolishly believed that sending out unsolicited review copies entitled him to something other than a "Buzz off, spammer" from the recipients.

Jeremy Pepper

Wow. I think the only time I was that overtly aggressive was when I was trying to get loaner product back from review.

And, I'm not sure if it's clumsiness or inexperience that we are seeing.

Or, we are seeing just another part of the cluelesstrain for a firm that does not understand the nature of blogs and working with bloggers. Gorenfeld does note that the firm emailed him, almost like it was demanding to know his editorial calendar for his blog.

Ah, I look forward to more and more of these posts, with PR people just pitching every blogger - yes, I have received pitches on things I would never cover (and, from the title of my blog, you think people would clue in), or just really badly put together pitches (which I have had forwarded to me for laughs/shock).

Oh, and if I am pitched, my editorial calendar is PR Face2Face on Tuesdays and Cluelesstrain on Thursdays.

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