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April 07, 2005


Michael Rogers

I'll take credit (though I may have borrowed it myself). For years I've been using this bit in my speeches to business audiences and it's always one of the biggest laugh/groan lines:

"When Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh in 1984 he promised to make computers as easy to use as telephones. What we did instead was make telephones impossible to use. How many of you can transfer a phone call at work? 'I'll try to transfer you but if I lose you please call back...'"

I guess I'll have to update it with a reference to cell phones. If Dan Gillmor can't make them work, we're all in trouble...

Joe I.

Dan Gillmor-

This device will work on my service Cingular so I am interested in replacing my basic Motorola V600. Quick question for you if you read this. Since you use the Mac PowerBook like me what is the sync like between them in terms of address, email, calendar and phone info? I took a look at the Palm software website and the top sellers are syncs to MS Outlook. Nothing for Apple Mail etc...This is a make or break for me. Any comments?


How does the size and weight of the Treo compare to your iPod? I have a Treo 600 and a Rio Force which is absolutely a piece of crap with a completely unreadable display. I have been debating whether to get an iPod or to use the Treo. The one feature of the Rio is that is weighs very little.


Joe (and Dan),

I would definitley check out, and look at the message boards- there's even one specifically for "Mac and Treo". I've been threatening to get a 650 for months now, and this the is the place I go to get updated news, reviews, and reports on various technical and non technical issues regarding the Treo.

K.G. Schneider

I love my Treo 650. LOVE MY TREO 650! I have it tricked out to the max and also load it up with music, podcasts, and heaven knows what else. But Dan, do you find Pocket Tunes better than Realplayer? I bought Pocket Tunes to play WMA files, but for sound, I can't tell the difference. Is it my lame headphones?

Concur on -- nice site.

Brad DeLong

Ed Dijkstra, IIRC...

Dan Gillmor

The sync with my Mac could be better, but it's not unusable. (Now there's an endorsement.)

For example, in iCal I have locations for events, but they don't show up in the Treo. The notes field does show up, however, so I have to remember to put the location there as well. Annoying, but totally typical in the tech world.


From my old AT&T Research Lab book (Bjarne and I used to work together)

"I have always wished that my computer would be as easy to use as my telephone. My wish has come true - I no longer know how to use my telephone"

Bjarne Stroustrup
April 1999

He may have said it before then - this was sitting in his office.


Palm has some serious calendar problems for a company that practically invented the (mobile) PIM application space!



I bought a Treo 650 which I believe to be the greatest smart phone - organizer, ever put together.
Unfortunately the tech support people appear to be as ignorant of the unit's complexities as we, the users, buyers.
I'm going on my third replacement which appears to be right so far, I was lucky to run into a tech support ndividual from Cingular, Mike, who told me to do this and that, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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