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April 29, 2005


Tom Tucker

As someone who works in TV news, and as someone who reads your blog fairly regularly, I was offended by your description of TV news reporting as "typically hapless". That seems to reflect a typically arrogant attitude on the part of those who work in, or who have worked in the print media. Except for what I just wrote here, I try to avoid gross generalizations in expressing my opinions. Maybe you should too.


Calling TV news hapless, is a polite understatement of their culpability in stoking the disinformation machine. Tom, thou dost protest too much.


I agree with Fred. I understand that you're offended because this is your business, but I think you're too close to it. You're too used to the compromises that are an everyday part of televised news.

I never watch the news anymore because there is so little actual news being broadcast. It functions solely for the purpose of getting people to watch advertising.

An example of this is the two opinion "objective" approach to subjects. TV news gives equal weight to both sides of a subject without regard to who is actually telling the truth. PR people are interviewed and given equal time with everyone else, even though they are professionally trained to basically lie. The viewer is left to sort all this out.

Think about it.

Tom Tucker

To you who replied to my comment, thanks. I am very aware of the issues you bring up, and the role that PR plays in my business. As an anchor and reporter who always strives to operate with integrity both on air and off, I grow tired of hearing gross generalizations used when people complain about "THE MEDIA". I may be among the minority in my business, but I usually can see through the PR smokescreens, and always strive to make sure veiwers get news and information that is important and useful to them.

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