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April 07, 2005



As a long term HP exec and CFO, Wayman undoubtedly knows where lots of skeletons are buried. Like the Medal of Freedom given to George Tenet, this bonus will help keep those skeletons interred.


r u a stakeholder /shareholder Dan ??

Under what personal mandate /desginate do you think that its a "Contemptuous Board" ??

All I think about is my P/E ratio.. what about you ??

Joe Buck

Well, Mr. /pd, $3 million in unnecessary dollars just came out of the E side of your equation. HP could have gotten away with a bonus of 1/10 of that and still would have looked generous.

Note that this was on top of his regular salary as CFO, and I won't be suprised to find out that he got extra options as well.

But never you fear: Arnold is trying to kill the California public employee pensions, because the pension managers are some of the strongest and most powerful opponents of excessive CEO compensation, and through their stock ownership actually have some power to do something about it.


Dan, my friend

Blame the Tax Code: $'s to him are deductible. $'s to the stockholders are cash outta the corporate treasury.

That doesn't make it any the less outrageous: It just discusses where the Big Gummint puts the carrots.

Dan Gillmor

Bob, thanks, but I'll keep the blame where it belongs: on the craven board members.

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