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April 27, 2005


Mike OConnor

BIG grin...


Robin Burk

I have a little different take on the citizen media opportunity. The news media provide two different sorts of information: news stories and analysis/op-eds.

I'm fascinated to see how the former will evolve in the blogosphere or its descendents. That will happen slowly, I suspect.

But the latter is here right now. And Anna is dead on - the comments sections at the better-known blogs is a good way to break in and have your voice heard.

One reason I joined the team at Winds of Change is that the team itself has some diversity of opinion and our readers/regular commenters have more. We have been known to move comments up as main posts, or invite the writer to expand a comment into a guest post at WoC. And we've banned fewer people than the fingers on one hand -- rightwing or leftwing, they got banned because they persisted in hateful personal attacks on other participants at the blog, not because of their political opinions.

Winds of Change doesn't attract the highest number of hits ... we usually rank anywhere from 50th to 100th or so on that measure. But we do rank fairly highly on links, hovering around 25th - 27th or so in the Truth Laid Bear rating.

More importantly for this thread, we have regular commenters across the political spectrum who've contributed to the site for several years now. Try doing that with your letters to the editor.

We do have some policymakers read the site, which means that those who comment there are making their voices heard in the context of a whole conversation about important current issues. It's not all one might mean by 'citizen media', but I suggest it's a useful start.


Dave Greene

I'll be at BlogNashville, and plan to attend Dan's session on Citizen's media. Here's a suggestion for a discussion topic:

Citizen's media with a specific local/geographic focus.

1. What people people have been trying
2. Successes & lessons learned regarding:
-- breadth/narrowness of focus
-- technical infrastructure
-- surprises (good or bad)
-- making a profit
-- etc.

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