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April 22, 2005


Jeff Jarvis

And I, who've been doing these segments, pipes in here and here.

Bottom lines:

"I give points to MSNBC for recognizing and listening to and promoting blogs -- and bloggers -- and I look forward to seeing more of this on other networks and channels and shows in other publications. Every first step will be imperfect, but it's a first step toward opening media to new voices."


"But let me make clear who wins in that exchange: Blogs don't need mainstream media. Mainstream media needs blogs."

Ray Everett-Church

You want an example of somebody who is betting the farm on blogging and podcasting? You should check out the interview with Paul Montoya on the April 18 edition of The David Lawrence Show. Montoya, now the proud owner of the "American Podcasting Network" actually sold his stake in to terrestrial radio stations to concentrate on building a podcasting empire. The interview is pretty fascinating stuff from a guy well-steeped in "old" media who sees the future in the new forms.

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