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April 13, 2005


Alan A. Reiter

Hi Dan,

Newspapers aren't just asking people to write articles. Some are also encouraging people to send photos of interesting events or news items -- increasingly with an emphasis on camera phones.

I've also seen one newspaper, the Kansas "Lawrence Journal-World" include a credit that specifically says "Camera phone photo." Here's the URL with the photo:


We also will be accepting and publishing reader-submitted photos as soon as we get our new Web-publishing software up and running -- within a couple of weeks, I hope.

Jane Richard


What do you think about what Mary Lou Fulton is doing with the Northwest Voice in Bakersfield, CA?

Under the umbrella of the Bakersfield Californian, she is publishing a successful (delivered free to 21,700 homes every other Thursday) community newspaper in which most of the information and pictures are "submitted by readers, community organizations, churches and schools."

It seems to me that she is way ahead of everyone in redefining traditional media to adapt to the readers' demands for both greater accountability (on the part of the publication) and more citizen/reader involvement.

Because people can get breaking news 24/7 now, what they want/demand/require from their daily paper is changing -- they want local news, specific to them, that addresses what they believe is important.

The other effect of this: a shift away from straight "just the facts ma'am" AP-style reporting, to stories biased towards the views of the community that's reading them.

It seems to me that Fulton, with her experiment, has taken this shift and run with it to its far extreme.

Jane Richard

ps. I referenced your post in my blog but couldn't get the trackback function to work.

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