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April 13, 2005


Daniel Conover

Vidar's comment ("British tabloids have the sensibilities of a 13 year old school boy, meaning they like printing anything which gives them an excuse for nudity, using swear words or talking about bodily functions") nails this issue extremely well. There is an element of American popular culture that ASPIRES to be that sophisticated.

Little boy humor on South Park is funny because it's ironic. Little boy humor that's based on the idea of offending mom and dad with something stupid is... stupid. Is it possible to draw a distinction between being offended by an act and being offended by the aggressive stupidity of that act? I dunno. But I'm a dreamer...


I find it hard to take sides in this issue. On the one hand, you have the idiotic censoring of certain parts of women's bodies.

On the other hand, you have Pamela Anderson, who can only get attention via her boobs, and wants to make even more money by showing people her boobs. Oddly enough, my head will turn to look at them, but then when the rest of me catches up, my reaction is "yeesh". She looks like a lifesized plastic inflatable doll not a real woman.

Of course, the older a man gets, the harder he is to lead around by his sexual desires. This is a statistical rule, by the way, not an absolute. So naturally Pamela Anderson wants to show her boobs earier in the night, to the adolescent males who have trouble controlling all their emotions, not just their sexual desires.


Like mr. Hokstad, I also grew up (and live) in Norway, and here I feel that we are not quite as hypocritical when it comes to sexuality and nudity as you are over "The Pond". The U.S. has the world's largest porn industry, teens in the U.S. start having sex earlier than in "sinful" Holland, Norway, Sweden and most other European nations. There are also more teenage pregnancies (per 1,000 people) in the U.S. than in most European and other industrialised or semi-industrialised nations (check This tells me that there is no consistency between the puritan dogma preached by "good Christians" in the U.S. and the reality of U.S. society. If the U.S. was less hypocritical about the body I think you'd see an improvement in the U.S. society (less teenage pregnancies, higher age for sex debut).

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