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March 16, 2005




The report reinforces my belief that the real innovation is going to come from journalism professionals working outside the corporate system. That seems the most likely way to get true innovation AND a grip on the good standards and practices that our industry has developed.

In many cases, I think this is about bringing back some standards, particularly in local news, that have been lost-- most importantly a coverage of neighborhoods with the same quality and attention that the "big stories" get.

I've got a new schpeal when I talk to people on this topic. I call it "The Electronic Fedora." The gist is using technology to enable a return to the old-school world where monopoly newspapers weren't even a consideration and neighborhood beats were commonplace in most cities. Will write a post on it whenever I get the time...


It will be absolutely essential that we try to do this new kind of journalism in a good way -- not throwing out the best practices and principles of the past but using them to inform and improve that fervor and knowledge from the edge. We can do it together.

How? Where is this discussion happening? We can't do it together if we don't address how to do it - to the extent that we have influence but not standards, we get infiltrated by shills.

From the Wash. Post * -
The administration's interpretation -- it's okay to hide the source as long as the spot is "purely informational" -- is untenable: Highlighting some "facts" and leaving out others can be even more persuasive than outright advocacy...

I bet many bloggers are a good deal cheaper than VNRs, and it could explain much of the commentary.

Howard Owens

There are other ways to increase profits on lower sales other than cutting expenses.

Jozef Imrich

Amen and Awomen!

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