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March 02, 2005



We'll see how the RSS bubble turns out. This is something that I've been considering for a while and it doesn't seem like fertile ground for heavy advertising.
Why? Because RSS feeds aren't a pure 'push' technology. Users have to sign-up for them and have to update their feeds to get new content. Those feeds that are overwhelmed with advertising lose value as news sources and will be dropped by users.
RSS is free, so you can't compete on price. You have to compete on features. If ads are seen by users as being a negative-feature those feeds that avoid ads will achieve a defendable competitive advantage.

I would expect brand cross pollination advertising, ala Gawker's ads for other sites in their network, to be an acceptable form of advertising to embed in RSS. But the first time I update my BoingBoing feed and see animated advertisements for I'll switch back to just visiting the site or drop it from my daily reads completely.

The real place to put the ads is in the RSS reader software. I've been using SharpReader for a couple months and have been very satisfied so I haven't checked out other RSS readers. Do they have advertisements embedded in the frames yet?

Randy Charles Morin

Dan, this article might be a marker in time.

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