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March 05, 2005


bob brouse

Hi There nice stuff.
A comment from us, we are
canadian journalists, it took us
two years to convince our national press theatre to get
acredited. having done that we opened a new office in d.c. and applied for the usual passes.this was in 2001, we ended up sitting next to the watergate fellow carl bernstein who made an impassioned plea to the senate people to allow on line people to do journalism.
do? anyhow having watched with interest the apple thing, the iraq war, bush get re-elected and the rest we canuck journalist types are more than concerned. we are starting to freak out! we have always understood that the huge american state below us influenced our governments, if this stays true we are in deep do. what are you guys doing? we copy you guys stop the weirdness. maybe i could move to the artic circle and live in a hut. geez.

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