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March 24, 2005


F Ho

A picture is worth a thousand words. Having said that, even though that particular map from CIA World Fact Book does show the entire country, it may not be that useful when trying to educate someone where the country is located. How many of the people who don't know where Kyrgyzstan is know exactly where Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan is? And China is so vast that saying Kyrgyzstan is next to China doesn't help much. A map with more surrounding areas would give a better perspective.

Dan Gillmor

Yep, I just changed it.

Constant Reader

Slightly better is the site where everyone goes to
(Other that or
"map OR maps OR carte OR karte OR mapa kyrgysztan"
where you can see the road connections and the
difficulty crossing the mountainous terrain with
no lakes and few rivers.

Other maps on the same site
might be of interest. Note these are uncopyrighted, but
the P-C Library links to other sites which may
have copyright.


As an Air Force pilot, I have been to krazystan :-). The large valley that the capital Bishkek sits in, is beauftiful. VERY high mountains alog 2 sides (Himalayan foothills...20k feet!) What was interesting (in the few hours I was there) was the obvious Mongol influence in the bloodlines of the people there. Ghengis lives on!

Kirk House

Maybe the usability movement that's being applied to software can also be applied to news.

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