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March 06, 2005



I have a serious case of envy!


I have a serious case of envy!

Anonymous Techie

One of these things is not like the other.


also passing thru london and have just discovered a B&B in Notting Hill / ladbroke grove with free wifi throughout. not sure about rooms but bar is v. cool

Mack Zulkifli

Jeff Ooi, the Malaysian blogger you mentioned recently has a death threat of sorts now, and has again been a subject of hatred by certain 'parties unknown'. The possibilites of this in intriguing, as I mentioned here. Perhaps this could be an issue in this 'summit' on "democracy, terrorism and security" that is mentioned. It falls in all three categories, does it not?

Mack Zulkifli

Jeff Ooiwrites of it here, where he demonstrates his usual attention for details and immaculately articulates the issues concerning this 'troll' which is a little more than that now. It's serious stuff, I think.


What are you going to be talking about in Ann Arbor later this month?

Dan Gillmor

Jenny, I'll be discussing the overall topic of grassroots journalism and why I believe the mainstream media need to adopt it, quickly.

Alun John

Hi Dan

Just thought I'd add to your posting about the Madrid summit that on March 11th people around the world are being urged to hold meetings possibly with friends, family and colleagues to remember the dead from the bombings in Madrid, New York, Bali and Baghdad. People's thoughts will then be fed back to the Club de Madrid
as part of the process of refining the Madrid Agenda. By the way, hope you enjoy Madrid - it's a fabulous city.


Great. I'll be there. If the Knight-Wallace people ever get around to publicizing it.

Would you be willing to post a where and what time when you get closer to the date??? AA has a number of blogging types who do this stuff (Arbor Updates, AnnArborIsOverrated, YpsiDixit, Arborblogs). I might let them know too....


Just can't believe you would be tied to T-Mobile. Please get a decent carrier.

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