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March 14, 2005


Charles Jones

Corrected link:

Anyway, it's good to see them not backing down.

Henry Story

I am really looking forward to that upgrade. I hope those rumours are true.

The Other Jeff

Humm..someone's effort at an April Fools joke perhaps? Besides...that release date makes no sense from a financial, business, or developer standpoint. No major announce venue etc., slow quarter. non-NDA prediction is still June's Developer Conference. But if I'm wrong...will that make me the "April's Fool"? ;-)


Well everyone nows that tiger was slated for launch status in Q2/05. Its only tagging down the exact date that makes it tricky. Its logical to state that the Tiger OS10x will be luanched on April1st, thats a friday and the buzz will continue across the weekend before being caught by MSM prints for so non geeks catch the chatter.. So hype will be made first on the net and then thru other avenues.. makes logial sense.. and itss just common sense !!

I wonder how Thinksecert can be sued for using common sense wisdom on this round !!


Well now e-week has chimed in on the release date:,1759,1776012,00.asp

Time to sue them, too. After-all, there is no way that anyone not covered by an NDA could know this information! (The preceding sentence should be formatted in my new tone indicating font, "Sarcastica Extra Heavy") This article shows us another reason to think the Apple suit is so bad: it can be applied to almost all reporting.

The article says, "Sources told that Apple plans to make copies of Tiger available in its own retail stores as well as through independent dealers by April 15"

Apple plays their marketing so close to the vest that they will assume that anyone who spoke to e-week must be covered by an NDA. Apple could just as easily sue e-week's ISP for their e-mail records to find out who the source is.

Joe I.

Look at the date people, April 1st, "April Fools" to those who believe it! I think ThinkSecret is pulling one here. Just a thought.


Joe has a point.. it never striked me like that !! :)-


>"Look at the date people, April 1st, "April Fools" to those who believe it! I think ThinkSecret is pulling one here. Just a thought."

Or Steve Jobs having some fun, but not likely. The e-week article lends credence to the idea that Tiger will be released in April. Rumors that Final Cut Pro will get the ability to edit in HDV format (a consumer High Definition Format) but will require QuickTime 7 and Tiger to work combined with the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters show where Apple generally unveils pro-applications like FCP are suggestive of a release of Tiger before June.


I REALLY doubt Apple would set itself up for a rash of "April Fools" jokes should Tiger be found to have a significant bug or collection of "issues". I can see the headlines now! LOL. As for NAB, Apple is releasing QT7 for Panther so it alone could be released or, more likely, Apple will show/demo and announce, but not yet ship the updates. We're only talking a few weeks difference and it makes sense marketing wise. Why would you blow your whole load at NAB and dilute the message! No, you would make a FCP/QT splash at NAB with a ship date in June and follow it up with the Tiger splash and ship at WWDC. This gives you two nice press cycles and you don't have FCP suffer PR wise with attention on Tiger. There and no NDA required! ;-)


Nice to see Apple using its planet-topping brand to once again stoke the fires of rampant new-product-announcement speculation. And to think they don't have to buy so much as one column-inch of advertising for this.

I will say nothing more lest Steve - who I've looked up to for a generation - decides to send his henchmen north of the border on an international hunt to weed out a wannabe-Apple-lover with a penchant for chatting about upcoming technology. I'm done (for now...)

Jim Hill

I doubt very seriously that Apple will do a bloomin' thing about the Tiger release speculation. There's a big, big, yooj difference between rumor-mongering about the release date of a product that the company itself has announced a rough timeframe for and even shown off several times, and touting the tech specs of a hardware gadget still in crude development (the Asteroid device). Even Apple's trigger-happy attorneys could see that.

Remember, one is divulging trade secrets and the other is "buzz". Buzz good, divulging bad.


"Remember, one is divulging trade secrets and the other is "buzz". Buzz good, divulging bad."

And yet it is impossible to know for sure which is which until a process server shows up with a lawsuit from Apple. Thats why what Apple is doing is very, very *bad*.

Apple could not only be contributing to an industry wide chilling of the press, but also stepping on its own buzz. They should drop the lawsuits immediately.

Dan Gillmor

Jim, here's a reason Apple might be unhappy about the buzz: Anyone who buys a new Mac right now is foolish, if the story is true, because there'll be another $129 or so to pay for the OS upgrade later on. Apple is notoriously stingy about giving free upgrades to people who've already bought machines.

I certainly would advise potential Mac purchasers to hold off for the time being if the release date is getting this close.


In the past, Apple has been pretty good about providing free updates to the latest software for computers bought anywhere reasonably close to the time of release, so I'm not sure that's an issue.

I'm still having trouble with Apple's actions against the Apple news sites (and they are news sites). Nothing I read did anything but generate buzz for Apple and as for Asteroid, we're talking about a product for a niche market that is already pretty well served at attractive price points. So where's the actual damage?

More and more I suspect that Apple's actions are inner-directed (cracking down on employees), not outer-related (chilling the media). This is a company that's been built on buzz. It's also one of the few significant internet age companies that doesn't allow employee blogging.


Mark wrote:
"In the past, Apple has been pretty good about providing free updates to the latest software for computers bought anywhere reasonably close to the time of release, so I'm not sure that's an issue."

Your certainty notwithstanding, Apple has not had the greatest upgrade policies for computers purchased before the release of new software. The window is tight and the qualifying computers limited. We saw this with the iLife 5 release earlier this year. Also, when you purchase a Panther upgrade, you don't get all the things that come on a new Mac. A current version iLife not included with Panther upgrades. So, I personally would wait out the rumored release of Tiger before upgrading. Dan's point makes sense since people like me will hold off from purchasing mac software if an upgrade is expected, but I'm waiting for NAB more than any specific rumor.

Jim Hill


Good point, but bear in mind that the company is on the record as saying they'll (try to) ship in the first half of '05. Whether the release date currently being floated is correct or not, anyone who knows a new release of the OS is coming also knows it's close enough to wait. Or maybe not. Whadda I know?

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