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March 20, 2005


Michael Zimmer

Also, the OED.

Rex Hammock

For another incredible example of an early "wikipedia-type" collaborative effort, I suggest the wonderful book by Simon Winchester, "The Professor and the Madman." It's about the volunteer efforts of those who contributed to the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Rex Hammock

Ahh. Michael beat me to the punch with suggesting a look at the OED.

Dan Gillmor

Rex, another great point. I'm thinking of pulling together a list of stuff like this. Do you know of anyone who's compiling it?

Dr. Bonzo

If you're thinking about Biblical collaborations, don't forget the Septuagint and the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmuds.


The Bible is a good example at another level: the decisions of the collaborators were subjected to intense political pressure, involved highly selective interpretation of incomplete data, and reflected a high degree of prejudice and self interest. All of this was based on what they perceived -- often differently -- to be divine inspiration. Yet it is a book that turned out to be great literature as well as a foundation stone for much of what we term well as innumerable wars, abuses and discrimination. It would be well to keep this dark side in mind.

Rex Hammock

I don't know of such a list, but I'll look around. By the way, a few months ago, I posted a list of books I called, "Accidental Books About Blogging" -- but I forgot to add God's Secretaries or the Professor and the Madman to it.

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