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March 20, 2005


Simon Larsen

Oh no... the last time I invested some time in a online community that Yahoo bougth was the great eGroups (now Yahoo Groups) and Yahoo managed to take all the good features of eGroups and make them very bad.

I'm holding my fingers crossed that this will not happen for Flickr but I wouldn't bet my money on it.


The Yahoo - Flickr deal (and see the Hello/Picasa - Google one or HP - Snapfish) shows that online photo sharing is one of this future killer app for internet users.

But the next big concern for photo sharing services might be the related infrastructure costs (mainly bandwith, storage and servers) while they are expanding.

We, the PixVillage Team, provide an answer using P2P technologies as a way to share photos privately. First it is a legal use for P2P technologies, then it offers fast, fully scalable, free and unlimited online photo sharing to its users. And we do not support any infrastructure costs. As of today, around 1 000 000 photos have been shared by our users.

Have a look at and tell me what you think...


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