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March 09, 2005



I could never get 3.0 to work on my Mac.

So yeah... let's shout a pitcher of draft for those at work on OSX version 4.

Brian R.

A java based bittorrent client called Azureus has worked for me on OS X quite well.

Richard Silverstein

Can anyone suggest a site which has a good, clear & simple explanation of what bittorrent does? I read the company's site FAQs & I'm still not sure in what situations bitorrent is helpful & in what it isn't. I didn't see a bittorrent forum which also would be helpful.

Can you use it for example if, like Dan, your blog is hosted by a service like Typepad?

Gary Elshaw

There's a reasonably good bittorrent faq and info here:

A more recent mac-like version (I personally think Azureus is awful) can be found here:


Azureus awful? What part? Runs great on Mac and Windows.


How about Mac Beta available today?
Here's a direct link,
Beta BT 4.0 for OSX

I think that's hosted on someone's personal account at SpeakEasy so they probably have a good bit of bandwidth however, they may not leave the file in place indefinitely.

Warning, I don't have a Mac and haven't actually executed the above BT client. However, I understand it's much less resource intensive than Azereus.


Nothing very special about version 4.0. Most of the new features have been made available by the more "experimental" clones out there for months (BitComet, Azureus, etc.). Visit and search for torrent. There are dozens of clients many of which run fine on OSX.

Also, the official BitTorrent client is written primarily in python. You can run it from a terminal window on OSX quite easily. The GUI piece is usually a few weeks behind the release schedule, but it isn't totally necessary to get the new features.

Lastly, while the python BitTorrent client is very "light" from a resource perspective, that's only true if you are downloading a single torrent. As you download more and more simultaneously, you must launch separate instances of BitTorrent to manage each torrent. Adding all those instances together tallies up to A LOT more resources than running a single instance of Azureus (or another client) which handle multiple-torrent downloads with alacrity.


I have to say, Azeurus is the greatest of all the clients., but cremes, if I was going to use a command line client, Snark is much much better.

In reality, the BitTorrent "brand" client is the worst of the lot these days. The protocol thrives, but there is simply much much better software out there to use now.

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