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February 28, 2005


Jim Hill

I'm glad the editors at the Trib think I believe the comics are part of the paper's "news" rather than its "entertainment". Tip, guys: talking cats are also presented as fact. Let's see the end of "Garfield."

John Moltz

So, wait, did they also not run anything on the administration's rationale for invading Iraq?


So what was inaccurate about it?

Jim Ausman

Does your email work Dan?


The recorded Bush conversation clearly implied that Bush had smoked Marijuana, but didn't say it explicitly.

Now if only the Trib would censor Bush when he actually lies. Why, I think that the Administration press releases would be reduced to blank pieces of paper.

Anonymous Techie

I, for one, welcome this censorship. It wasn't until Gary Webb started being blackballed by the big papers that his findings became widely known.


Holy crap!

Does this mean we expunge the entire Bush tenure?

Maybe everything above the fold should be blank newsprint, or something.


so let me guess...the media are pro liberal? Maybe we should all start crying wolf.

Karen M.

Remember when the "Dallas" writers wrote themselves into a corner, and finally had declare that an entire season had just been one bad dream... (Bobby's?)?

And then it worked for "Bob Newhart," too, except that he turned an entire show into a dream...

Eventually, this entire administration will be considered one nightmarish cartoon, and future historians will debate its history with satirists who will make a case for its being surreal...

I've finally quit pinching myself, since, apparently, I won't be able to wake up from this until everybody else is ready, too. [sigh]

Anspar Jonte

Yeah, let's argue about marijuana, because we all agree cocaine is no big deal.

Patti M.

I love "The Boondocks" and yesterday's strip was stellar.

Karen, you captured my sentiments exactly. When, oh when, will I and my fellow Americans awake from this national nightmare?

I thought once we had rid ourselves of Dan "Potato-e" Quayle, arguing with fake people (e.g., Murphy Brown and Huey Freeman) had ended. Sadly, this has just morphed into censorship of statements made by fake people.

Get a grip, people. This is like complaining about homosexual characters in PBS cartoons. If you don't like it, turn the page or turn the channel.

This country is cought up in a modern-day temperance movement, which is both amusing and aggravating. I'd say "pinch me," but as Karen said, it serves no purpose.


If the Trib was so interested in accurate reporting, why didn't they just put and Editor's note below the strip that quoted the actual passage from the tape recordings and let their readers decide what Bush meant? The administration doesn't dispute the authenticity of the recordings.


The horoscopes aren't accurate!?!?!? Why didn't my psychic see this AAHH!!

Lee LaBarre

Interesting that such minutia gets press and blogger coverage, yet the FOX TV series "24" depiction of US government approval of torture raises no issue. The last two episodes I watched had three suspected terrorists tortured or threatened with torture (including one woman), and one member of the government team tortured. One would suspect that this is a government sponsored campaign to make us believe that torture is acceptable, except we know that FOX has a balanced view of such matters. Where is the outrage about human rights and the apparent blatant attempt to depict torture as acceptable (only by the "good" guys) that matches outrage over a bared breast at a football stadium? Where is the Christian right (or Liberal left) when something that goes against our basic human (not just American) principles is depicted as acceptable on prime time TV? This fiction is too close to fact to be deemed acceptable,

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