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February 08, 2005


Claiborne Booker

Mr Gillmor --

Many thanks for your insights. I am reminded of a rant in WIRED Magazine from April 1996:

"Definitely one of the most abysmal excuses for a thinly veiled marketing scam ever, McFamily -- the new McDonald's site on America Online (keyword: McFamily) -- sucks McWienies."

Sadly, it appears that nearly 9 years has done little to improve things.


Pathetic food. Pathetic misreading of the medium. Pathetic all around.

It's nice to see the old golden arches in decline. It's long overdue.

I'd rather patronize and discuss corporate entities that actually contribute to society, and don't endeavor to destroy it on so many levels.

Carmi Levy


Dan: but you linked to it. A link is a vote, even if it's a vote using the words "lame site".


I would love to hear a group of early teens pull this one apart. It has South Park written all over it, doesn't it.

your mom

Don't you guys have any sense of humor? Part of its humor is that it's so bad...It's not really taking itself too seriously.

I think it's a much better site than the stupid flash one.

Or is it that because it's using blog software, you can't tell that it's marketing like you can with a fancy flash site, and that bugs you?

John Mackward

Like the other side of many issues are on the web yet still not seen by the majority. LINK

Warren Redlich

Amazing about blogs that you can find stuff from 6 months ago that are interesting when you're surfing around. I try to keep this kind of stuff in mind for my blog. Thanks.

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