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February 22, 2005



I took a look at ohmyNwes to see if it was worth subscribing to. But they violated one of the prime rules of the net. DON'T keep bothering me with Active-x controls. I have my security settings in IE set to prompt me when someone tries to load an active-x control. Most of the time I click back no and that's it (but I have to accept for Flash based content, which is generally OK with me).

But no, that's not good enough for ohmyNews. No, they have to KEEP trying to install that or other active-x controls every 10 seconds or so, despite my continually telling them NO, I don't want them to run. Sheese. Stay away from these guys!


Hi Dan, fascinated by your writings. Just a quick one - there appear to be no links for the ohmynews story? Did I misunderstand you?

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