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February 22, 2005


Henry Story

Amazing mileage per gallon!

Charlie Prael

Yeah, they're getting that way. One of my "round toit" projects is to rip out the stereo and Palm-driven GPS from my truck, and replace them both a touchscreen-driven Mac Mini, preloaded with iTunes, with built-in GPS.

Bluetooth? HAH! Every car should come equipped with Firewire, USB, 802.11g, and a 200GB hard disk.

I'm still waiting to see when a fully-integrated system is a standard option in your car. Puts the old joke about "if Microsoft were GM" on it's head.

Alan Rick

Too true, Mine just returned from a service and now the windscreen heating switches on automatically when it gets sub-zero. The garage had upgraded the OS - scary.

David Sobotta

The computer part of new car really hit me when I figured out that my new car had Bluetooth and could be paired my cell phone for handsfree use.

I programmed the car for names of people I wanted to call and with a touch of a button on the steering column, I could tell the car to make a call through my Bluetooth cell phone. It was a little strange watching the car and the phone work together.

My wife now says that she can add the car to things she can no longer work.


Hope it doesn't get sick. ("It is understood the virus could affect the [Lexus] navigation system transfers onto them via a Bluetooth mobile phone connection.")

Marc James

No offense, but that thing is so ugly ... to each his own.


Hope you enjoy the Prius! I rented one from Zipcar a few weeks ago, and really enjoyed driving it. If I had any need for a car of my own, and any money to buy it with, the Prius would definitely make the short list.

Felix Kramer

I expect you'll have fun with the Prius. I've found it's not hard to figure everything out (not at all like that infamous BMW iDrive interface).

This car proves that advanced technology can be cheaper to build (fewer moving parts, etc.) than traditional technology. Although I'm sure you have better things to do, you may want to look in on one of the online watering holes of Prius owners. My favorites are:

And you might want to peek in on what we're doing, following an Open Source model, we've "Green-Tuned" the Prius: the PRIUS+ Plug-In Hybrid Conversion group gathers at

Charles S

One of the best hidden features of the Prius is because it looks DIFFERENT. Not only is it functional for low drag and maximizing the interior space, it's different enough that it is not just another sedan on the road. Every other passenger car out there today pretty much follow the same formula; long hood, a cabin, and a useless trunk. While they may look great, they fall short in versatility. The Prius is a well-thoughtout car that no only gives good mileage, but excel on all the basic everyday needs.

I may sound like I'm trying to sell a Prius, but for me, it is more important to me to have a functional car than say a luxury car like BMW. The looks of the Prius is Functional, while others are just build to be sold.

Escape Hybrid


Congrats and welcome to the future. Stop by some time and check out the whats going on at Hybrid technology and the passion with which consumers (of various sorts) are embracing them is great. If the consumer has their way -- which they usually do in the US -- we are just at the first stage of an automotive revolution.

David Singer

I picked my new 2005 up on Wednesday -- it is far more a computer-on-wheels than the 2002 version was. I like it a lot, but I wish it weren't quite so lawyer-ridden (the "I Agree" screen when you turn on the nav system; the lockout of function while the car is moving even if there's a passenger in the front seat).

Mark Sumner

I surprised myself by picking up a 2005 Prius this weekend. The waiting list was 14 months at the local dealer, but they had a car come in from an auto show while I was there talking to them. Since this car didn't have a "name attached", and they were willing to part with it at list, who was I to complain if they didn't bother to call the people on the waiting list?

Driving it is an addictive experiance, like playing a video game. Watching that little monitor out of the corner of your eye, trying to get the numbers up, up, up.

There are so many gadgets in the display (it had the Nav system / bluetooth option) that I may never figure it all out, but I'll sure have fun trying.

John Baska

I have a prius ordered now for about 10 months and my dealer called me yesterday and said that I am 21 down on the list and should be prepairing myself to trade or sell my other car a Grand Am Pontiac so I can pick up my new Prius. I can't wait, and I know that the car is well built and will give me great mileage because I also have another car and it is a Honda Insight 2001 model 2dr. 5 speed transmission and it get super mileage, of just over 65 mpg average and that ain't hay! Well I guess I have bent your ear enough and so I will say one more time I can't wait for my new Prius.

Chuck Pike

I placed my name on a waiting list 3/5/05 and was told that the current wait was 7 to 8 months. I have a friend who owns and loves the Prius. I have not driven this car, and was told that I would be receiving a 2006 version. I have never bought a car with out a test drive.

I had sent out an inquiry about a dealer having one that I could see and was told that there would be one on their lot Friday night. We came by to look at noon on Sat and they were cleaning it up for the new owner. I did get to sit in it. My wife has driven Toyota for years. My two sons have both been in accidents where they were hit in the side of the car. Both car's were totaled, but both sons were o.k. and walked away. I keep my cars about 15 years. I expect more people will be buying this car.


Your car appeared in the Times. ^ ^
Your Car: Politics on Wheels


Am interested in buying your computer kindly let me know if you have any one to sale or laptopsand the asking price withe pics.

Gte back to me soon....


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