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February 02, 2005


kevin jump

Windows: you'll just have to download the other half Edition

MS Bob

The obvious answer is Windows XP.



It's not so much that Dan is a sore loser, it's that the whole world loses because MS has been allowed to continue its monopoly and milk it for all it's worth.

MS should have been broken up long ago: one company for the OS, another for applications. The only people who benefit from the MS monopoly are its employees and stockholders.

Everyone else loses, and by god yes, they should be sore. Unfortunately, a large number of them simply don't realize they're being had.

Dave -win32

Simple... Windows EU ( EU = Entertainment Uninstalled )


In keeping in tradition with memorable MS product names, MS will obviously name it Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 European Union Light Version. The easy to remember acronym being "MSWINXPMC05EULV"


Windows Limited Edition -- like putting a chrome LE on a Chevy truck and hoping people mistake it for a BMW


They're just doing a little advertising -- I don't imagine they ever thought that the name would fly, but it put the idea in the public's head that their government was crippling their software, an idea that can only benefit Microsoft. Then, when they change the name to something more benign, they might look like good guys.

Realistically, they'll call it "Microsoft Windows XP EU Edition."

It'd be nice if they laid a positive spin on it, say, "Microsoft Windows XP Open Media Edition." But no.

I like the "Microsoft Windows XP Download The Rest Edition," though.

Or "Microsoft Windows XP KILL YOUR EU REPRESENTATIVE! DO IT! DO IT! Edition."


Women may buy cars, but I think men still buy the OS in the family. The OS name should take the demographic of the buyers into account:

Windows C'mon, Be A Man and Get the Real Version


Windows for Wimps


Windows Short "Horn"


Windows XS (You Know What)


Windows Small, Because You Know You Are, Too

...Oh, they should sell like hotcakes at the beach.


Iain Stewart


Windows XMedia

Windows EU (pronounced Windows YOU, son of Windows ME)

Windows Open (or perhaps, Windows Shut?)



Oh, duh, of course. The man buys the OS.

Windows XP Soft 'n Cuddly Edition

Windows XP Hung Like A Gnat Edition

Windows XP Bureaucratic Suck-Up Edition


Windows X(eno)P(hobic) Edition?

Still, at least system builders like Dell and HP don't have any plans to use it.


Windows Random Code Edition. They should do that and see how it goes over. That had nothing to do with the original topic but that would be interesting. Same for X(eno)P(hobic) Edition; that would mean they were afraid of strangers or other races. I don't think they would mind screwing the EU. Heh; I phrased that wrong, but oh well! Thats a funny thought.


Maybe WRCE would randomly include Windows Media Player.

Do NOT Click On This


P.S. That was random but what I want to know is if you open it in iTunes as a stream: is that illegal? I don't think it is, but I'm not sure...

Steven Ericsson Zenith

It doesn't matter what Microsoft call it ... but we could call it:

Microsoft Windows - Get Real

Mike Williams

Windows XP Silent Edition
Windows XP Sans Bells & Whistles
Windows XP Let's tie up the phoneline for another download edition
Windows XP LIM (Less Is More)

Kyle Johnson

Microsoft Tinted Windows.

Mike Williams

And of course:

Windows Double-glazed...


Windows XP: "Our friends at the federal government know best" version.

M Burke

It seems this has just become another opportunity for people to bash Microsoft. In this brave new world of wealth redistribution, everyone likes to beat on the successful. Not only is the EU unfairly targeting Microsoft, forcing them to remove parts of their system that others can bundle, but the folks 'suggesting' names for their reduced version are taking pot-shots in their naming.

If the folks who make Linux (or even Apple for that matter) were to make a superior product and mass market it as well as Microsoft has, the whiners would be all over them instead. The reason spyware and virus makers target Windows is *because* it is so successful and there are so many users of it. It is evident that, given the open-source nature of Linux and the Unix-based Apple OS that virii and the like would be much easier to program for those platforms, yet since it draws little attention to the makers (which is the intent of such malicious code) it is less likely to occur.

As for the EU, I think it is about time Microsoft started 'giving the finger' to unfair government interference in their business. At some point, MS should invest in some weapons systems and declare Redmond as a sovereign nation. ;)

Steven Holloway

Windows XP Minus The Bloatware Edition
Windows XP Version so you think your XP version is old and uncool version and want to buy 3 disk bloatware version.
Has anyone actually wrestled with the Windows XP Media Center Edition?
It seem to be everywhere here in Australia, we appear to MS's testing ground for sucker the world marketing tactics.
It has 3 disks and the install process is rather annoying, it asks for the additional disks in the wrong order. I have been SUPPORTING (and it needs a lot) the various incarnations of windows for almost 10 years. And from experience they are all pretty average. If MS cared more about good technology and making a good system not trying to leverage people into propriety formats eg WMA, Media Player needs a purchasable plug-in to make MP3's then these Government Interventions would not be necesary. the fact that they are bigger and wealthier than several Sovereign nations is not something to
Thankfully for the world Apple have become very competative and OS X is built on good operating system philosophy.
Anyway I have had a hoot at the very creative names thanks to everyone who posted

Charlie Gordon

45 posts [so far] and no one has yet suggested Windows Blind. HHmmmmmm.

Colin Edington

Hmmm hopefully the new linux system will offer a GOOD alternative to windows but until then, hopefully the next edition will not blow up everytime i touch something. Windork.


Windows: Electric Boogaloo

Windows: We work 60 hours per week while you work 35 and that's why we're selling you our OS instead of teh other way around Edition

Windows WE (wiseass edition)


Windows: Electric Boogaloo

Windows: We work 60 hours per week while you work 35 and that's why we're selling you our OS instead of teh other way around Edition

Windows WE (wiseass edition)


sorry for the 2xpost

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