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February 02, 2005



Microsoft Windows Eeeyuuh Edition

Jim Hill

Microsoft Windows See How Much Like A Mac It Looks Edition.

OK, that'll come with Longhorn, but it's never too soon to register a trademark.

Jeff Jensen

Windows, Apple & Linux & Sun can all bundle everything they want, media, browser, etc. but we can't, edition.


Microsoft Why Does Apple Get To Bundle iTunes But Windows Can't Edition


Windows Don't Buy this Version, but the one next to it Edition

Rex Hammock

Dan, last Friday, I posted my top 10 suggestions on the rexblog ( Here they are:

10. Windows Weakling
9. Windows Yugo
8. Windows Mute
7. Windows Crash
6. Windows Without
5. Windows Osama
4. Windows Short Horn
3. Windows Slow Edition
2. Windows FU-EU
and the number one least appealing name...
1. Windows Mini


In the great tradition of ripping off Apple, how about Windows Sosumi?

Second runner up: Windows Sofa King What Edition


Windows: We'll Take over the world with the next version.


Windows: The more crappy version.


Windows: Another version we can sell version.

or finally

Windows: The Close your eyes and imagine it's Longhorn version.


Dan, I think you are a sore loser in this whole episode. Get over this Microsoft thingy and move on.


Not one that reflects Microsoft's petulant attitude, but one that would more accurately reflect the reality of the product's features:

Windows XP SE,BSC (Security Enhanced, But Still Crappy) Edition


Or, maybe this:

Windows XP-WMP: Spyware Maker's Nightmare-Come-True Edition

Tristan Louis

Windows LT (aka Windows Light)


windows: malware siren edition

Cory Doctorow

Windows: DRM-free edition

Brian Baute

How could we distinguish "Windows Really Crappy Edition" from all other Windows editions since they're all, well, really crappy?


Windows SLO-P (as in sloppy)
Or Windows EU-NIX(ed)


Randy: Microsoft Why Does Apple Get To Bundle iTunes But Windows Can't Edition

In general, there's nothing wrong with bundling as a practice. The only issue is when you bundle something with a product in which you have a monopoly. That's illegal leveraging of your monopoly to gain an insurmountable competitive advantage in another market. You can argue whether or not Microsoft really has a monopoly or whether governments ought to constrain monopolies, but that's the difference. I've written at length on this.


How about:

Windows without Media because even our programmers prefer the iPod


This WIndows Sucks Less

Robert Gagnon

Isn't about time all the complaining about Windows ends and we all just use a digital platform that works, ie OX/X on a Mac

Karen M.

How about just WYSIAWIG-LOL which could apply to ANY Windows software?

Karen M.

Yikes! a typo!!!

should have been WYSIAWYG-LOL...

(A = Almost)

On second thought, that "I" also works, for first person singular...

Joi Ito

Windows Royale


Windows Pong


MS Windows Spyware Edition.


Windows IR (iTunes Ready edition)

Sometimes Offensive

Windows For the Visually Impaired Edition.

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