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February 20, 2005



Are you sure this is an intention to hide who is calling? I have a direct number to call my lawyer, but a different number shows up when I am getting a callback. It was explained to me that that was how their phone system was set up - with more possible input numbers than the actual number of lines out. Perhaps the NY Times just chose to use a memorable number to reflect that situation. And now you know who is calling when the number shows up as 11111111111...

Glenn Fleishman

The Times outed itself last April:

"(calls from the main office of The New York Times, for example, regularly appear on the called party's screen as 111-111-1111)"

It used to freak me out until I figured it out. Now I just know it's one of my editors calling.

Howard Owens

I got a call yesterday from 555-555-5555. The caller didn't leave a message. I assumed it was a telemarketer.

I have a problem with a news organization doing this, though. I think it violates some level of the transparency. In a caller ID era, somebody receiving a call should be able to recognize (if they know the number) that it's a news organization calling.

Wendell Wittler

If the N.Y. Times is going to put out a non-genuine number to Caller ID, why not just use their subscription order number? That'll give people a general idea of who's calling without exposing individual reporters.

Or they could just use Jayson Blair's home number.

Yvonne Adams

I've received several calls in the past couple of months that show as 111-111-1111.

Since the New York Times is unlikely to be calling me, I have to assume that it's a telemarketer.

End rusult is that I'll never know, as I've yet to pick up one of these calls. I see the 1s and assume it's a junk call.


I think its a program that callers install to bypass the block. In other words, all 1s isn't exclusive to The Time.

I've received several telemarketing calls from this number. Most of which, not surprisingly, originate from Florida.

Scott Kovatch

Maybe it's another instance of explaining the problem with incomptence (or indifference) rather than conspiracy. There's probably a setting somewhere that lets the Times put in the main switchboard number and 'New York Times' but no one has taken the time to do it. Not giving out a direct line into individual employee's offices is a good thing, but there is a friendlier, much more useful way to handle the problem.


I agree with Sherry and Scott. Even providing a number (and identifying the caller as NYT) to a voicemail box with a recorded message is better than that fake number. I certainly would not be expecting this from such an esteemed organization.

Dan, perhaps for trusted people, you can program in the caller ID unblock into the phonebook. Now if we can just have products that allow us to push one key to enable or disable caller ID blocking on outgoing calls.


Maybe it's not automated. Maybe the caller simply hits 111-111-1111 'cause it's easy. [shrug]

Joi Ito

The problem is that many phone services use caller ID for user authentication. I've had several (stupid) security people assert to me that caller ID is safe for caller identification and clearly it is not.

Eric Smith

Any PBX that communicates with the phone company via ISDN primary rate interfaces (which would generally be any big PBX installed in the last ten years or more) can in principle be configured to supply bogus caller ID information, because the phone company doesn't validate the calling party information element in the call setup.

I'm tempted to replace my regular phone number with a toll-free number. It would cost me a lot more, but then instead of caller ID I would be able to get ANI, which gives you a real billing number. When you're paying to receive the call, the caller can't block it.

Anspar Jonte

Ditto. It's plain dumb to use 111111 as a number. I would assume it's a telemarketer. I handle such calls by picking up the receiver half an inch and dropping it.

michelle wilson

I think that in light of the national do not call list, the bogus display appearing on the caller ID does not allow you to track those who violate your wishes not to be bothered with repeated efforts to offer you credit cards, sell you magazines that you dont have time to read, and offer you home improvements to the apartment which you rent. I think that sooner or later our congressional and legislative body will catch up with the technology and force the telemarketers to display accurate information on the caller ID display, otherwise how will you know who is in violation of the National Do Not Call list?


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My sister has a mobile phone and keeps getting calls from the number, (111)111-1111 aslo. I typed in the number on the internet to see whose number this is and got this site. It helped alot. Can this number just be blocked or can it somehow just call you?


hey i have a question how do u do that block thing like have them show ur number is 111-111-1111 like wut do u dail to make it show like that n ur real number is blocked thanxs plz write back thannk you




hey i have a question how do u do that block thing like have them show ur number is 111-111-1111 like wut do u dail to make it show like that n ur real number is blocked cuz i want to call somebody but i dont' want them to noe my number n their caller id won't let me block my number thanxs plz write back thannk you


i'm on aol broadband and my computer kept trying to dial 11111111111 it only happened when i was reading the mirror on line

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