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February 27, 2005


Stuart Berman

I also get a bouceback that it no longer accepts mail.

Seems to me that this project would be a perfect opportunity to deploy Freenet see:

Dan Gillmor

Jed and Stuart, yes, the email address was incorrect before. It's now fixed.


get in touch with the tor folks.


If they want to have any appear globally they'd better drop the "america" from their name!


Invisiblog already exisits--doesn't it fit the bill pretty nicely?

Michael Weiksner

As with any technology that allows anonymous communication, do you have any concern about potential use to enable terrorist communications?

Dan Gillmor

Michael, of course. But I assume that any halfway intelligent terrorist is already using such tools, which are readily available for communcation among individuals or small groups. Terrorists would gain nothing from the tools we're discussing here.

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