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February 21, 2005


Hiawatha Bray

I'm rooting for the opponents of the broadcast flag, myself. But I dunno that the headline is unfair. After all, the supporters of the policy really are afraid of piracy. That's why they're pushing it. You and I see the FCC policy as a threat to the computer industry and the fair use rights of the public--not to mention an unreasonable expansion of the FCC's authority. But the entertainment industry regards these consequences as "collateral damage" in their ongoing war against a very real threat to their revenues.

Molly Moloney

Is the broadcast flag all about piracy though? While giving content owners new levels of control over technologies and audiences' abilities to manipulate television, the flag may actually do very little to combat real piracy. See, for example, Ed Felten's comments today on the matter (highlighting some of the illogic in MPAA arguments for the flag).

Steve Rhodes

It is a bad headline.

When I linked to the article from TVBarn, I rewrote the headline as "Broadcast Flag Is Challenged" and linked below it to Build a HDPVR before the Broadcast Flag becomes law July 1st.

Liberal AND Proud

What about the taping of NON entertainment news? Oh..wait, those news agencies have been folded into the entertainment divisions haven't they....hmmmmm.

The intent is not protection from piracy. Its the government giving a wink and nod to censorship. If I or anyone else can't tape news interviews and post them as does, what happens to public access to PUBLIC INFORMATION?

This is mind control. Its information control.

It must not be allowed.

Dan Holzman

You are very charitable to regard the headline as unintentional.

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