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January 12, 2005


Scott Rafer

The qualitative answer is cooperation, but the specific answer is cooperative standards implemented on a distributed basis, which is not quite what Dave Winer proposed.

Terry Whalin

Dan, I'm a new blogger and have tried turning on the RSS feeds, etc. I added my own blog to My Yahoo News page. For the last week, my new posts haven't been showing up--then today suddenly they are listed and up-to-date. I don't understand the technology but I'm trying to use it to write about my life as a writer and editor. I appreciate your insight.

K.G. Schneider

Like many librarians, I'm format-agnostic when I can be, but I understand why content providers are happy when aggregators make it easy for newbies to get feeds. RSS is still way too geeky; it doesn't even have a name or icon that makes sense; anything that makes it easy to subscribe to a feed is desirable from a content provider's point of view.

Also, it's Winer's blog, but "Please only comment here if you support the proposal" doesn't leave much leeway for actual discussion.

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