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January 02, 2005


Arjun Singh

As I sit here taking a break from completing my application to the UBC School of Journalism, I want to thank you Dan. You continue to be a great example and an inspiration.

Bob Stepno

Happy New Year, Dan, and best wishes on the new gig-defining gig.

I'll be trying to convince journalism students that all this "citizen..." and "amateur..." talk doesn't mean there's no future for professionals... but that they should not only get the traditional skills down, but be part of a conversation -- and be imaginative about ways to pay the bills.

Incidentally, your new address needs a link at

Also, my first attempt at posting this comment on yesterday's item caused OS-X Firefox to hang. I had Radio running in another window, so maybe it was rebelling against your switch to Typepad?


Thanks dan for your work.
You did inspire a lot of grassroot activists ... and this post (1)

best wishes

(1) "We the democracy (Democracy V2.0)"

Blogging both manifests and enables the democratic revolution.

We could even go so far as to draw the comparison between the worlds of economy and politics, between the consumer and the elector.

In the political sphere, the desire for truth is at least as strong, if not more.
But political discourse today is a reflection of marketing discourse: it’s still cynicism that dominates.

If we accept the idea that the blog will become a necessary tool for the economic leaders of tomorrow, we could assume (and hope) that the blog will become a necessary tool for the next political leaders.

The blog is the new Agora, a gathering place in Ancient Greece where democratic debates took place with everybody watching and participating.
Blogging is returning to the roots of democracy.

Beyond the horizon, we hope to find a new world. “America is not far.”

Ken Sepeda

I enjoy your columns and look forward to reading your blog and getting the latest from the Silicon Valley agora.

Best of luck,



Now what am I going to read to get the scoop?

Dan, I've enjoyed nearly every article, whether I agreed or not. I've read them in the Merc, and online.

Thanks for being an _honest_ voice of reason in the valley.



Welcome to the New Year and the next new world!

Catherine Adams Lee


I was so sorry to read today that you are leaving the Mercury News! You have been the one sane and thoughtful voice in a wilderness of Valley hype and self-promotion. I could always count on you for a realistic, considered and accurate view point. You will be sorely missed.

But the entrepreneur bug is hard to avoid if you live here for any length of time. So I wish you the best of success and trust that you haven't left us but moved on to a higher plane of virtual existence.

Best wishes, Catherine

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