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January 19, 2005



I think the questions that bloggers need to ask themselves is "If a story is to be written N times, aren't we, the public, entitled to N times the amount of vetting and fact-checking?"

I have to agree with Jay Rosen, At times bloggers dont' do that. They just republish . link up without any sound research on the validty of a post /news item. The sense of 'it's my blog' I'll do whatever, may not work out after all. There has to be a value proposition that surpasses- creditablity and known/trusted source syndrome.

Jozef Imrich

Some bloggers or semi-bloggers publish stories or lists as linked below, but many tend to place a preamble as some stories, episodes or lists are never finished. Life is fluid and if we waited for all the facts and fact checks to be done we would be still living in a stone age. If bloggers get their facts wrong, the evidence of any stuff ups is generally posted at different sites as well ... Most of the times any way...

Example: Be warned, that some of the entries on these lists are extremely out of date, so please send in any additions or corrections to [email protected]. Crikey of Lists:
Journalists who never sold out: the veterans who remained true to the profession for more than 15 years ; Journalists who made it in management ; Journalists now in corporate/govt affairs positions ; Journalists to PR agencies ; Ex journalists who have worked for politicians ; Working Journalists Who Have Worked For Politicians

By the way, is there a similar list compiled along these lines anywhere in the world even if not totally up to date??? [Consider emailing me the list to jozefimrich -at- authorsden dot com - many thanks]


Does anyone else see the irony in Rosen's most recent post, given that the preceding one was "Bloggers vs. Journalists is Over"

Octavio Isaac Rojas Orduña

I've posted about the issue on January 13th, and I am very critic about it.

(In Spanish)


p.lukasiak : I actually did notice that !!

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