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January 01, 2005


bill greig

As an ageing hack who still pens opinion articles for a national newspaper in Scotland may I wish you strength to your pen.
As news desk yield to the PR companies, blogging is perhaps the only way that journalists can still target the corrupt and the manipulators.
So, good luck. Keep up the good fight and be true to yourself.

fran wilson

Dan, please do us all a favor: cease the coy attitude immediately, and tell us something of substance about your plans.

"... lets figure this out together" ???

OK, why don't you start by some truth-telling, frank and revealing full disclosure of your intentions.

Dan Gillmor

Fran, it's not a matter of coyness. I genuinely don't have a lot to tell yet. What I have is some time and freedom to focus on a) what to try to do in this field; and b) what the business model for it will be.

francine hardaway

I have had quite a little impact in Arizona with my blog, which reaches about a thousand people, many of them through email because they are not techies and don't know what a blog is. I distribute both through Yahoo groups and through Bloglines, and for the first time since I got my Ph.D in English (1968) I feel empowered as a writer. I even had the courage to self-publish my memoir on foster parenting, and I can see how to move it up the charts at Amazon when I want to! This is amazing for someone who started her career in traditional publishing. I want to follow your experiment with grass roots journalism, because I are one. But I don't know what the business model is either. I'm not sure I want ads on my blog.

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