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January 08, 2005


Susan Kitchens

cool! Glad to see it in time; I'll have a listen. I guess that means you're in LA LA land. Stay dry. :)

Susan Kitchens

hey there. Just listened. You gave out your email address. I'm curious why you don't have a link to this site from your site. Oversight of a busy week, perhaps?

Susan Kitchens

er, not email address, the web address. sorry.

Dan Gillmor

Actually, I gave out this site, but thanks for reminding me to fix the other one!


Not surprisingly, the interview was terrific. More han one person has commented on how great Dan's voice is (good to know as a fallback career should this internets thing ever stops working :) ). I've converted the show to mp3 and uploaded it to our web site. Visit our audio archive to listen. Dan pops up a couple of times during part one, but the interview is really during part two. Here is a direct link to the mp3, in case you just can't wait.

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