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January 27, 2005


Frankke Potential

When is Google incorporating "" into the main Google site, and into their search engine?

Search engines, in particular Google, are the real answer to this issue, particularly if Google et al mine the blogosphere and do a better job of incorporating date relevancy into their algorithms or user-options interface.

Carmi Levy

While that is indeed a wonderful suggestion, do we have enough faith in our elected representatives that they even understand the medium enough to make appropriate use of it?

Living as I do in Canada, I've had the pleasure of dealing with a Member of Parliament who scrunched his brow when I asked him how I could contact him via e-mail. Sure, he had an official parliamentary e-mail address, and even a fancy web site. But between his ears, he had no clue.

Until the technology-literate have a greater representation in elected office, I fear we'll be swimming upstream (this despite Inventor-of-the-Internet-Al-Gore's claims to the contrary.)

Carmi Levy


They'll begin to take notice once the blogosphere takes part in making real, electoral trouble for one of them.

There's also GovTrack, which tracks legislation and blogs talking about it.

Frankke Potential

The three things needed are, search, Search and SEARCH.

Why Dan and some of the others here wish to go back to 1998 era, Yahoo-ish multilevel categorization as the data organizing principle - for what is merely another segment of online content - is beyond ken.



Carmi, please to get the facts straight.

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