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January 21, 2005



Looking forward to hearing your assessment of the conference upon your return.

I sense we're approaching a tipping point in terms of blogging's acceptance by traditional consumers of media. With Dan Rather's retirement and CBS News's planned revamp of its flagship broadcast, I wonder if now is when we will start to see so-called mainstream media start to recognize the increased need to reconnect with its audience.

The question is, how can blogs help?

Fred Johnson

Linking useful and ethical concepts of accuracy, fairness, thoroughness and transparency with a bankrupt concept like “objectivity” clouds the issue of democratizing the media --- which seems to be your intention. Clearly you have the interest of democratic media in mind in you statement but I would implore you to leave objectivity out of the discussion. Notions of “objectivity” are ideological constructs designed to enhance the power of dominant media. The Anthropologists have concluded that “objectivity” is an obscene and disgusting lie. I urge you to do the same and carry on the worthy direction of you discourse but leaving “objectivity” behind you.

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