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January 10, 2005



Kewl tip !!

Its nice to note that they have RSS for darn nearly every topic !!

0 8

It's about time! They're one of the few sites I actually have to visit!

Sanjay Aiyagari

Nice to see -- they still have to get their summaries set up as most of them just say "Read full story for latest details."

Billy Goto

This is a good thing.
Unfortunately, they don't have the RSS links
integrated into their html head> tags. So, for
example, Firefox doesn't show the little orange
transmitter thingy. So you can't just go to and find the little orange radar icon
and say "oh, they're doing RSS? Great, I'll add
it to to my reader."
Maybe they'll iron that out in a few days, but
for the moment it means that their RSS is harder
to discover, much less use.

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