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January 23, 2005


Christopher Davis


See this travel roundup I posted. Logan: closed. Roads: "severe weather; avoid travel". Amtrak: 3 hour delays. MBTA: delays on all lines, buses on main roadways only; they're not even using their designated snow routes.

It's bad. I wasn't here in 1978, but they're saying it's the same level of snow...but it started on Saturday night, which means it should be lot lower-impact.

Donald Larson

Dan said:

"I frequently tell people how much I miss the seasons in New England. But I don't miss blizzards like the one they're having in Boston today."


We have four seasons in San Diego: Spring; Summer; Fall; and — The Weather Channel. ;-)


Kirk House

Speaking of San Diego, any chance you're going to show up at the Emerging Technology Conference here in SD in March? If you, Lessig and Chris Anderson got together I'm sure some interesting ideas would emerge.

Dan Gillmor

Kirk, I'll definitely be at E-Tech -- wouldn't miss it.

Gerald Buckley

Dan - As the Director of Internet Marketing at Thrifty Car Rental for three years I was privvy to some pretty killer apps. Hotwire is one of the better ones released into the wild. You might also look into

It routinely found fares I didn't know we had published "publicly" and I was quickly convinced the same thing was happening for air and hotel rates.

Gerald in Tulsa


Depending on whether elite frequent flier status matters to you, you got at least 1000 extra miles by flying SAN-LAX-SFO. (each is credited as a 500 mile segment)

Check out for tricks on making travel easier on your nerves.

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