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March 07, 2005


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The fact that Stringer came from the entertainment side of the company could potentially bring Sony even less relevance as the rest of the technology industry caters more to the customers' demand for greater control of their personal entertainment.

Scott Lawrence

I think JS is right. It's unfortunate that Sony hasn't taken the hint from being utterly dominated in the MP3/digital music player space by Apple, a company that came to that field late. It's a shame that we can't expect more from the company who brought us the Walkman and the Playstation.


A perfect example of the tail wagging the dog. The initial reason for Sony getting into the content arena was to ensure that they could ensure they had content for their new devices. The reasoning was simple: Sony creates a new whizbang gotta have device but unfortunately no one wants to provide content for it. By getting into the TV and music business they guaranteed content. But now content is in control making sure only the 'proper' devices get to market. Sigh. So long Sony.


"Stringer is one of the leaders of an entertainment cartel that uses copyright law to thwart innovation that it can't control or veto. His appointment to the head of Sony means, simply, that the entertainment side controls the company."


This the middle of the end for Sony.

One almost expects it to soon spin off the tech-toy side of itself.

Strange, every now and then when I reach for my ipod I refer to it as a walkman. This happens increasingly infrequently. Ultimately, I suspect, it won't happen at all.

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